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We know that the secret to a great garden is great information and practical advice! For more than twenty-five years, we’ve given thousands of helpful garden tips in newsletters, newspaper columns and radio shows. We draw on that gardening and landscaping experience to give you in-depth information you can use today and it’s right here.

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Memories of Christmas Past!

Those who celebrate Christmas engage in a month-long whirlwind of decorating, card writing, carol singing, cookie baking and gift buying. Even though we may feel overwhelmed with the demands of this busy season, we know that it all adds up to a lifetime of happy...

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Vibrant Hues In Your Autumn Landscape

Autumn infuses us with a new burst of energy. The brisk weather draws us outside to revel in the fresh air, clear skies, warm light and glowing colors. Images of vibrant fall landscapes often feature the chrysanthemums and deciduous trees (birches, dogwoods, maples,...

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Summer Reliables for South Jersey

Each year there are countless new varieties of improved ornamentals, but it’s often the old reliables that can best withstand flood and drought and return to grace another season. While recently traveling the coastal back roads of southern New Jersey, you may have...

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