Landscape Maintenance

Living Landscapes knows from experience that the bright sun, white sand and salt so eagerly sought by many of us, bring special challenges to maintaining a landscape.

We have found that the use of good gardening practices, such as maintaining healthy soil and root systems and adequate mulching and watering, are key to plants surviving and thriving at the shore. We also know that regular pruning is critical to plant health, optimal bloom, maintaining plant proportion, and ultimately, to helping your landscape reach its potential.

These good gardening practices are key to maintaining the vigor that enables a plant to withstand pests and diseases.  If a plant does succumb to stress, however, we use environmentally friendly plant remedies that protect our soils and waterways while they support the good health of your plants.

Each individual maintenance contract is designed to meet the specific needs of your family and your landscape. Visits can be as frequent as once a week or as infrequent once a year. To find out more, just contact us.

Let Us Bring the Seasonal Color

In addition to maintaining your trees, shrubs and perennials, our Maintenance Division can also plant seasonal color in your landscaped beds and/or containers.  Seasonal plantings keep your garden looking lovely and vibrant during natural pauses in tree, shrub and perennial bloom.

What’s more, container plantings can be fine-tuned for a particular location (windy, sunny, shady) as well as a particular purpose (colorful, edible, scented).  Containers add the finishing touch to your landscape!

Landscape Renovation

If you have a mature landscape that has become overgrown or drab, read about our landscape renovation services.

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